The Attitude is What Matters

Don Santos Rodriguez stands on his own
Don Santos Rodriguez stands on his own

Don Santos Rodriguez, father of four beautiful children and husband of Doña Rosa Adelina, is a man worthy of admiration; a hardworking fighter, he made a living as a construction worker and a painter.

However, December 13, 2015 was to be a day that forever changed his life; when painting a house, he accidentally fell from the third story. In a desperate attempt to minimize the fall, he grabbed the first thing he saw. Unfortunately it was a high-voltage electrical cable that instead of helping him only made his situation worse. He lost consciousness. Four hours later, he awoke in the hospital in San Marcos Ocotepeque to discover that he had not only lost his right hand but also his right foot due to the combined fall and electric shock. He was faced with a terrible reality. Many thought he would not survive to this horrible accident but a month later, with support from the hospital nurses and doctors, he was stabilized enough to be discharged.

This began a very difficult time for Don Santos. Not only could he no longer work to provide for his family but now his family needed to take of him until he fully recovered. For six months, he had to stay in bed. Despite these hard realities and life-changing challenges, he never lost his faith and devotion for our Creator. In fact, he became a more active Christian, going to church almost every day when he was eventually able. His contagious optimism was a life-line as he became caretaker for his wife who had undergone lung surgery. His motivated attitude caused a teacher to take notice and to ask Don Santos if he wanted to continue his abbreviated education; he is now learning mathematics and other essential tools.

Prompted by his optimistim and desire to move forward, Don Santos visited CAMO's prosthetics and orthotics lab where he shared his desire to walk again. Thanks to our program, we fitted and delivered a new prosthetic foot to him, realizing his dream of walking one step at a time. We know that with his new prosthesis, Don Santos will become an even more active member of his family and community. In fact, he is already working on a new dream: to open a vegetable stall in the municipal market. Due to CAMO and our network of donations, his life is taking shape again.

With your support, we can continue to help many people like Don Santos who do not have the necessary resources to access costly but vital services. Your contributions make bring accessibility and hope and make a difference in lives. See how you can partner with CAMO as we continue to Bring Hope to the Forgotten by donating, calling (330-685-5956) or visiting our office (322 Westwood Avenue; Orrville, Ohio 44667).