CAMO at a glance 2016-2017
Gratitude to all of you who make these services and miracles possible, I am humbled by the kind hearts which support us. These are patients who came back just to say thank you this month. It is the joy of service.
How one instrument is already changing lives, a surprising turn of fate in caring for mothers with hospitalized infants - and more! Read now for the latest updates on the Trade School expansion, the attitude-changing impact of education at the Academy of Professional Excellence PLUS an innovative and all-encompassing approach to bullying.
Journey with CAMO's February volunteer teams and meet those directly impacted by services during the brigade weeks. Read about the incredible leap of faith taken by an 11-year-old and her family, the inauguration of the Academy of Professional Excellence and how small steps lead to huge differences - and MORE! Thank you to our volunteers for continuing to make a difference and help CAMO bring hope!
CAMO is unique - and your support is what allows CAMO to continue providing its vital services to western Honduras! Read about the exciting developments experienced by the organization throughout the 2015-16 fiscal year, including a breakdown of the over 130,000 direct medical services provided and the latest program updates in Medical Services, Education and Community Development.
Read stories from the October team, including Doña Berta's journey of gratitude, new exciting partnerships with doctors and the surprising subject Honduran nurses thought was most important to learn. Also see how CAMO-Honduras is working with the community to celebrate life with its Breast Cancer Awareness campaign and meet some of CAMO's amazing and inspirational volunteers in the United States and Honduras. Remember, support CAMO on Giving Tuesday (Nov. 29) and connect via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for up-to-date stories and news!
"I realize that there are still people willing to help, to work hard, to change the world for the right reasons and I feel very happy and proud to have had the opportunity to work alongside these people: the CAMO staff, volunteers, and CAMO USA brigadiers." Read more as Carlos Sandoval, an intern who worked with CAMO's dental brigades, describes the gifts he has seen as part of the CAMO team in Honduras.
Dr. Aida Rodríguez shares her excitement and her journey to find a gastric cancer patient, who beat the odds. (Oct. 2016)
Since beginning her research with the Western Gastric Cancer Initiative, Dr. Daniela Montalván has been witness to much, including despair and inspiration. Read her story. (Oct. 2016)
Read how Doctor and researcher Eleazar Montalvan climbs many mountains in search of gastric cancer patients and stories. (Oct. 2016)