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National Registry of the American Heart Association CPR/ACLS/PALS Training

CAMO is the only organization certified under the American Heart Association in Honduras. CAMO is also the National Registry of the American Heart Associations for training and education of CPR techniques in Honduras. Working in partnership with the Ministry of Health, CAMO offers Honduran health professionals regular training in new technology and equipment.

Every year, residents who come to serve in Santa Rosa are provided with these courses. And it never fails that after they have taken these courses they report having saved a life due to this training.

Why was this program started?

In 1995, founder Kathy Tschiegg was called into the maternity ward. A woman was coding, and upon entering the room, Kathy found it obvious that no one present knew how to proceed with basic CPR. The woman was on a soft-spring bed, no one was watching her airway, and there was total chaos. With assistance, they were finally able to get this woman onto the floor, and get her intubated. Unfortunately this was all done too late, and the woman bled out and died. She left behind 5 children and a newborn baby.

Upon questioning the staff and personnel, Kathy found that no one knew basic CPR within the hospital. At this point, CAMO investigated with the American Heart Association what it would take to start a National Registry to accredit people. Thus began the journey of CPR.

CAMO currently trains approximately 150 personnel each year.

Ways You Can Help:

  • Donation of mannequins and/or any other training supplies
  • If you are a licensed instructor in CPR, ACLS or PALS and are interested in travelling to Honduras, please contact our office. 

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