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Orthopedic doctors in Honduras initiated their own training in arthroscopic surgery. They requested arthroscopy training from their colleagues on CAMO’s medical teams to help provide better patient care. Without it, surgery required opening the whole knee up forcing much longer rehabilitation. Arthroscopy means less loss of income for Hondurans by enabling them to get back to the mountains quicker and farm.

However, titanium plates, nails, pins, screws and wires are costly. For instance, four titanium screws run approximately $75. By the time an arthroscopy patient is all wired back together, the supply costs add up. CAMO has been effective in reducing these costs through partnerships with volunteer American surgeons who work with medical supply companies to acquire necessary supplies. In the past, instrument sets, plates, and screws were not available and nearly impossible to keep organized. Today, through collaborative efforts CAMO has built a supply tracking system to meet needs in greatest demand.

Ways You Can Help:

  • Sponsor a needy patient’s expenses.
  • Volunteer your area of medical expertise.
  • Sponsor a medical volunteer’s travel expense.
  • Designate giving toward equipment repairs.
  • Designate giving toward shipment of supplies.

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