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Who We Are


CAMO was launched in 1993 by Kathy Tschiegg a former Peace Corps nurse who saw too many Honduran infants and children die due to a lack of medical equipment and technology. Today, CAMO is one of the most recognized non-profit health care organizations in the region. It serves around 100,000 people annually with services ranging from breast exams and prosthetics to neo-natal care and eye surgery.

What Makes Us Different

CAMO doesn’t take a triage or one-time visit approach. Instead, it seeks to build a network of long-term, multi-disciplinary public health care providers who offer continuing care to needy families. Key to its success is a unique counterpart system between visiting doctors and nurses and local medical professionals. CAMO has a permanent presence in Central America with a distribution center operated by its sister organization, Fundación CAMO, in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras. Each year, Fundación CAMO distributes more than $2 million in donated supplies, professional services and financial contributions through its 16 programs and community development

"CAMO is more than a donation. It’s a long-term investment in people – community, doctors and patients alike."  — says a major U.S. donor.




Our Mission as a humanitarian organization is to improve the quality of life of people in Central America by strengthening health care systems and promoting sustainable community development.


Our Vision is to be a renowned organization with strong leadership and alliances that drive the sustainability of our mission to improve health and community development in Central America.


  • Reliable, accountable, responsible in fulfilling our commitments
  • Supporting each other with openness, honesty, trust and respect
  • Ethical in all of our business activities
  • Innovative and passionate in our approach to our work
  • Driven by consistent quality, continuous improvement, volunteer service and satisfaction
  • Working synergistically as a team to achieve our common objectives
  • Personal dedication and commitment to CAMO

Our Boards

Central American Medical Outreach, Inc (CAMO)'s board is comprised of renowned experts in medical procedures, governmental relations, marketing and international missions. Our USA board members donate their time and expertise. All have traveled to Honduras to personally witness the work of CAMO. Each board member donates or raises funds annually--further demonstrating personal commitment. Our Honduras board has traveled to the USA and also donate their time and money to our work.

Governmental Relations

The Honduran Ministry of Finance named CAMO the most fiscally responsible non-government organization in Honduras and works closely with CAMO to ship supplies and equipment into the country tax-free. CAMO contracts with the Honduran Ministry of   Health to provide services and complete renovations within the public health system   renewing agreements every four years since 1993. CAMO also has an excellent cooperative relationship with the Santa Rosa de Copán mayor's office renting CAMO vehicles for city trash removal while the city budget donates toward CAMO employee costs and special projects. CAMO is recognized by the Congress of Honduras for our accomplishments with the women's commission for women's rights and human rights' advocacy within the hospital.             


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