General healthcare practices such as dentistry, opthamology, dermatology, and even x-rays are easily accessible in the USA. With the help of the medical professionals who travel to Honduras to work along side their counterparts, and with the help of your donations, these services are now possible in Honduras. 


Abi Trochez, D.D.S. 
Mark Gustafson, D.D.S.; Juan Gaven, DDS; Frank Relle, DDS 

Dentistry is more than pulling teeth. For the CAMO dental program, it is about keeping teeth. Since 1993, CAMO has been running a dental program for the western part of Honduras. CAMO’s dental program treats approximately 29,000 people each year. It is the only dental program in Honduras that provides restorative services and has statistically decreased (by 50%!) the number of teeth lost to decay.

CAMO travels with four fully-functional mobile dental units. Weekly brigades reach rural communities to provide dental care and preventive education to children and adults.

Through the relationship with several USA dentists including Mark Gustafson, Honduran dentist Abi Trochez is able to communicate her needs for supplies and equipment. This relationship then allows USA dentists to travel and work alongside Trochez, assisting in the regions of greatest need.

IMPACT:  More then 42,157 services are provided per year.

IMPACT: The dental program affects the nutritional health of Honduran people, who might otherwise suffer deficiencies as a result of poor oral hygiene.


Dr. Hector Robles 
Dr. John Thomas, Dr Kevin Waltz, Dr. Phil Raber and Dr. Ron Pycraft 

Starting in 1993 with just a poorly equipped eye clinic, the eye program is one of CAMO’s flagship ventures and demonstrates what can be achieved through the counterpart method. CAMO has since created a state-of-the-art eye surgery center in Honduras which treats over 450 patients each year. Sight-restoring procedures, now available to the rural poor population in Honduras, make it possible for entire families to prosper.

IMPACT: The surgical program provides care to improve vision for over 1,500 people each year.


Dr. Cynthia Espinoza 

Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Alvarez, wife of neurosurgeon Dr. Roberto Alvarez, expressed an interest in using CAMO to start a dermatology program for the poor population in Honduras. CAMO initiated the program in 2010.

Through her first series of patients, Dr. Alvarez found over 10 melanomas which could have been fatal had those instances not been diagnosed. Within the first year, over 270 patients were seen through the dermatology program. The cost of running and providing care in this area is incredibly expensive and patients in poor communities cannot afford the necessary treatment. CAMO performs bi-annual melanoma screenings and evaluates at least 4 patients a week.

IMPACT: Early detection and treatment of Melanoma.


Prior to CAMO’s involvement, the only x-ray machine accessible in Western Honduras was nonfunctioning. CAMO addressed this issue by installing a full x-ray unit in the public health center in Santa Rosa de Copán. Then, in 2014, CAMO expanded its reach to the people of Corquin. This x-ray unit is part of the other radiology services which include ultrasound and mammography.

IMPACT: Proper diagnosis and treatment of more than 2,400 patients per year.