CAMO has the only Biomedical Engineering Department located and serving the western 1/3 of Honduras

It doesn’t do any good to have equipment in Honduras if nobody is there to fix it. Equipment isn’t considered ‘broken’ if all it needs is a 10¢ fuse, but you need someone down there who KNOWS that all it needs is a 10¢ fuse.

~Allen Dicks, RRT, Systems Specialist & CAMO Volunteer Biomedical Technician for over 20 years

Since CAMO’s first team trip in February 1992, the maintenance of facilities and equipment has been built into the CAMO model. To date, CAMO-Honduras employs 2 full-time bio-medical engineers dedicated to preventative maintenance and repair.

Medical Equipment Repair Lab

Juan Carlos Rivera
Allen Dicks, and Nicholas Giarelli

CAMO not only continues to maintain and repair life-saving medical equipment, but it also pioneered a “preventative maintenance” program in Santa Rosa de Copán. Of the 11 biomedical engineers in Honduras, two of them are employed by CAMO. The daily needs of the community are maintained beyond CAMO visits from the USA teams. This is the very definition of sustainability, the very purpose of the counterpart relationship. And because of the USA counterpart’s involvement and commitment to CAMO’s biomedical program, those efforts have come full circle.