October 2014, CAMO completed construction of the second largest public health clinic in Honduras.

Makes possible approximately 535 services per day.

Prior to CAMO’s involvement, the second busiest health center in Honduras was suffering major health issues of its own. Big slabs of concrete continually fell on the 11 small treatment areas. With no running water and no sewage system, the excrements of the day ran onto the ground and into the center of the city, regularly putting up to 300 patients and 56 employees at risk.

The renovation of this facility started in October of 2012 and was completed by October 31, 2014 with an investment of over $650,000. To date, it is the largest, most modern public health center in Honduras. With over 500 services a day, the public health center has 37 treatment areas and also houses four of CAMO’s programs including cervical cancer, ultrasound, mammography and general x-ray services. In addition, this center offers dental, pharmacy, laboratory, prenatal care, planned parenting, AIDS counseling, pediatric clinics, a vaccination program, and general medicine among other services.

IMPACT: With new facilities Health Center shows for the first months of the year an increase in the total number of visits of 12.7%. Meanwhile attention to pregnant women and children has increased by 37.7%. Every month 10,700 services are provided since this health center.

Project Cost: Donors Who Made It Possible
CAMO-USA General Funds $119,047.00
The Noble Foundation $250,000.00
Charlie Woods $55,000.00
Burton Morgan Foundation $25,000.00
McClintock Electric $26,000.00
Buckeye Electric $24,000.00
Seaman Family Foundation $10,000.00
United Titanium $5,000.00
Lehman Family Foundation $5,000.00
Wooster Community Hospital $5,000.00
Fundacíon-CAMO Honduras $52,380.00
Banco de Occidente $33,333.00
GypCen $7,000.00
Beneficio de Café Santa Rosa $5,000.00
Honduran Quality Coffee $5,000.00
Coffee Planet Corps $5,000.00
Minerales de Occidente $5,000.00
Donations from Santa Rosa residents $4,666.00
City of Santa Rosa $38,809.00
TOTAL $680,235.00