"All children need an area to express themselves. Some like sports and other prefer theater and art. When developing a community all gifts and talents must be considered"

- Kathy Tschiegg, Founder -

Honduran schools are not privileged to have gifted and talented programs, and not all children enjoy sports. All gifted and artistically minded children need an area to express themselves. In 2007 the Historical Commission in Santa Rosa de Copán requested funding and building assistance from CAMO to create and manage a cultural center facility from an abandoned antique water cistern. Today, the cultural center in Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras allows children to experience enrichment and educational development in their areas of gifts and talents.

Programming at the cultural center includes:

  • Gymnastics
  • Music
  • Art  (Various styles)
  • Dancing (Various styles)
  • Theater

Make a contribution to the enrichment of a child by donating musical instruments to CAMO. The band ‘DO-RE-MI’ practices in the cultural center, and other students are learning to play a variety of instruments through the instruction provided there, as well.

IMPACT: Music is therapy to many. Each year at least 300 children are practicing to master the art of music and theater.