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Eye Program

Starting in 1993 with just a poorly equipped eye clinic, CAMO has since created a state-of-the-art eye surgery center in Honduras that treats over 450 patients a year. Sight restoring procedures, now available to the rural poor population in Honduras, make it possible for entire families to prosper. The eyeglass distribution program, together with the surgical program, provides improved vision for over 1,500 people each year. This comprehensive program is one of CAMO’s flagship ventures and demonstrates what can be achieved through the counterpart method. Through a continuing relationship with an American counterpart, Honduran eye surgeons are able to improve the level of care they can provide to the public.

Ways You Can Help:

  • Contact your local nursing homes or place a note in your church bulletin asking for eyeglasses
  • Designate funds to purchase supplies and medicine for the eye center

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