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In 2006, CAMO was approached about supporting a visit by a neurosurgeon in Santa Rosa. Through this, Dr. Tatsumi visited the facilities in Honduras where it was decided that the hospital lacked the functionality for a neurosurgery program. Due to this diagnosis, CAMO began renovations to the ER in 2007 to help provide the necessary services needed to bring neurosurgery to Santa Rosa.

In January of 2009, Dr. Roberto Alvarez completed his residency as a neurosurgeon and moved to Santa Rosa where he started the neurosurgery program in the public hospital. Within the first year of the program operation, he was able to save over 65 individuals. The second year he increased that number to 105. At present, Dr. Alvarez continues to expand his reach at saving lives of individuals in Honduras.

Dr. Tatsumi and Dr. Denise Crute have a counterpart relationship with Dr. Alvarez that continues today. Dr. Tatsumi donated a microscope out of Denver Hospital that was shipped from CAMO’s US warehouse to Honduras. In 2010, Dr. Denise Crute was able to provide spinal column pins, needles, plates, and instruments to do backbone surgery.
The neurosurgery program, and the counterpart relationship of these doctors has helped to impact and save hundreds of lives in Honduras.

Ways You Can Help:

  • Donate money towards purchase of shunts- necessary in the surgery of hydrocephalus or “water head”- $400-500
    • Lifesaving device- read the story of Roberto- donated shunts saved this little boy’s life: Winter 2010 newsletter
  • If you know of any neurosurgeons that would like to be a part of the support system for Dr. Alvarez- call our office

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