CAMO helps with emergency services training in Honduras

Special to The Daily Record

SANTA ROSA de COPAN, Honduras – The damaged vehicle lays on its side, its victim trapped inside. A swarm of EMS and paramedics surround the car, doing their best to sum up the situation quickly.

“(The) mechanism of injury (in a crash) indicates the method of extraction,” instructs Steve Wood, a captain of the fire department in Munroe Falls. “Stabilize (the scene), then get the patient out as quickly as you can.”

The accident scene is make-believe, but the training is very real. Wood is one of many volunteer health care providers in Honduras with Central American Medical Outreach for a week.

He led rescue training with members of three Honduran fire departments and a paramedic unit in and around Santa Rosa at a scrap metal yard on the edge of the city.

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  – Written by June Chandler-White

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