A Miracle Life

María Matías is an example of courage and strength, after the loss of one of her newborns’ twins; she faced many difficult experiences as a single mother with limited financial resources. Her loss was soon only one of her sorrows when she was given the news, her second twin “Milagros” (meaning Miracles) had been diagnosed with hydrocephalus (a condition in which fluid accumulates in the brain, enlarging the head and sometimes causing brain damage). It was during this time when she was sent to the Hospital de Occidente to find treatment for her daughter. Dr. Roberto Alvarez our counterpart of the neurosurgery program immediately scheduled her surgery. Although Milagros underwent some complications post-surgery, the hospital staff was always caring and our staff at CAMO supported her with medications and other diagnostic exams. Finally, after one month in the hospital, Milagros health improved, the surgery was successful and she was finally released to go home. Maria hopes her daughter will have a full recovery.  Dr. Alvarez continues to monitor her development and health. Your support helped CAMO to pay for the $460 stunt.  It is thanks to your continuous support that we can prevent devastating health issues to children like Milagros, our programs offer medical services that otherwise wouldn´t be accessible to them; consider supporting us or volunteering at our offices. Your support is very valuable.

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