Too Many Coincidences

Founder’s note

CAMO has witnessed so many coincidences this year—events that might
seem easily explainable, but if you consider how many things had to happen
at exactly the right time, you might come to the same conclusion we did:
faith is not just a word.

At the end of the first full day’s work for the medical teams, I tried to touch base with everyone, as I always do at the end of their work day. That first evening, I sat with Hannah Loder and Rachel Foltz. Rachel, a Physical Therapy Technician, told me that the staff at the rehab center wasted no time in putting her right to work! Her passion for her work evident, she shared her most exciting point of the day.

Jose Antonio, a young man of forty-nine, had a stroke on the job and lost movement on his left side. Confined to a wheelchair, he had not walked since the day of his stroke three months prior. Rachel, after evaluation, felt it was time for him to stand and attempt a step. So with support and the parallel bars he stood and was able to take a step . . . and then two . . . and then three. He did not want to sit down! But to continue walking, he would need a device he could use at home. Rachel asked, “Does CAMO have what we call a half walker? That’s what he needs in order to be mobile.”

My heart sank because in my twenty-six years of loading and unloading containers, I had never seen the device she was requesting. The next morning, I searched the Honduras warehouse—but found nothing even close to what she needed. Later that morning, we learned that our shipping container had cleared customs; as the container was unloaded, I searched every corner.

Alone, I went up to our attic area, unable to believe we could not help Jose. I actually said aloud, “God, you have always provided. Why have you not provided this device for this man?” After this prayer, I went back down the steps. Mark Gorman, our Prosthetic/Orthotic counterpart, came barreling towards me in his wheelchair. Across his lap was a device he was carrying to store with the other walkers. I said, “Mark, stop! You have just what I have been looking for.” It was the half walker Rachel had requested.

A great pause came over me. I was overwhelmed by grace. So many synchronicities: someone in the United States donated the half walker; it was loaded on this specific container; the patient had the appointment the only day Rachel was scheduled in the rehab center and let us know what Jose needed; the container arrived within sixteen hours of the request. “You (Lord) will show me the path of life: at Your presence is fullness of joy, at Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore.” (Psalms 16:11) This moment of helping a man to walk had the presence and fullness of joy only an all-knowing God could have made possible.

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