Initiate a recycling drive with your civic group, school or faith-based organization. Contact CAMO to receive all the necessary tools to initiate a drive including sharing it via social media.

Eye glasses

CAMO partners with the Lion’s club to collect eyeglasses and redistribute them to individuals in need.

Learn more about CAMO’s Ophthalmology Program.

Hearing aids

Each year, CAMO tests over 1,500 children with hearing impairments.

Learn more about CAMO’s Audiometry Program.

Musical instruments

The Cultural Center in Santa Rosa de Copán needs musical instruments to enrich artistic creativity. This program offers healthy alternative outlets to prevent youth from falling into violent street life.

Ink cartridges, toners, cell phones

CAMO recycles old cell phones, ink cartridges and toners. Funds generated through this program help cover CAMO’s operational costs.