Pledge by planned giving

With thoughtful planning, you can help to secure income for yourself and at the same time help CAMO meet the basic needs and provide health care to disadvantaged individuals in Central America. Planned giving offers many options including Charitable Gift Annuities, Deferred Gift Annuities and Charitable Lead Trusts. If you are 65 or older, a Charitable Gift Annuity can yield tax deductions and pay you high interest income every month for the rest of your life. If you are 50 years old for example, you can plan for retirement by opening a Deferred Gift Annuity. This will give you an immediate tax deduction, and by the time you are 65, you will earn income as high as 12.8% a year. Charitable Lead Trusts are designed to reduce the estate tax burden on your heirs.

Please join us in this fight for human dignity. If you are interested in any of these options and would like to make CAMO the recipient, please do not hesitate to call our office for more information.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A Charitable Gift Annuity yields generous fixed payments for life. The payments will never change and will continue for your lifetime. You are entitled to an income tax deduction in the year of your gift. In addition (for a period of time), a portion of each payment may be free of income tax or may be taxed at a capital gains rate. The amount used to fund the gift annuity may be free from gift and estate taxes.

Deferred Gift Annuity (DGA)

At a young age, you can start your retirement planning to supplement existing retirement assets. A DGA is most beneficial to donors who already have made the maximum contributions to their existing retirement plans. At age 65, you will be paid a fixed amount of income on a regular basis. Part of this gift qualifies for an immediate income tax deduction which will reduce your current taxes. The full value of the gift is removed from your estate. The younger you are, the larger the tax-deductible portion of the gift. Part of the annuity payment may be received as tax-free income.

Many donors create Deferred Gift Annuities on an annual basis to build retirement assets. The donor may name a joint and successor beneficiary who will receive the annuity at the end of the donor’s lifetime, beginning on the date of the donor’s 65th birthday or thereafter.

Charitable trusts

A Charitable Unitrust is a document drawn up by a donor’s attorney whereby cash and securities are then transferred to that trust.

Minimum Donation: $250,000

Charitable lead trust

A Charitable Lead Trust this is a planning tool permitted by federal gift and estate tax laws that allow donors to fund a trust which provides a stream of income to CAMO for a single-year term. At the end of the term of trust, the remainder of the trust passes to the donor’s heirs.

Minimum Donation: $500,000

Donating other investments

Stocks and securities

Appreciated Investments make a great gift. Such investments include stocks and other securities which allow you to bypass capital gains tax. For example, if you had purchased a stock for $10,000 and now it is worth $20,000, you could avoid paying the capital gains tax on the profit. At the same time, you could deduct the full $20,000 value of the gift immediately on your tax return. You could also earn income upon retirement based on a percentage of the full pre-tax worth of the stock. You would be more giving than you ever dreamed possible.

Endowment fund

The Wayne County Community Foundation offers a contribution fund for CAMO. Also CAMO holds an endowment fund, as well. You can directly give to either of these funds and the capital gain and interest will be used toward CAMO’s mission.