Wearing shoes!

Rosa Lia, disheartened by the condition of her two sons in 2006 and 2007 sought help. Yixon, 12 years old, and his brother Geyner, 8 years old, were born with club feet, not allowing them to wear shoes or work on the modest farm with their father. Dr. Dona Alvarez, our CAMO counterpart in orthopedic surgery from Oakland Maryland, performed corrective surgery to straighten their club feet. Recently, Rosa Lia came to our office in Honduras and was indescribably grateful for the surgical procedures provided by CAMO and proud of her two boys. Now 11 years later, their mother wanted us to see these photos of her sons. Yixon resides in the US. Geyner, his younger brother, finished high school through a special program providing high school-level courses to rural communities. “CAMO helped us so much because my children could not wear shoes before, but now, they don’t have any problems. We were blessed by this medical brigade.” She added, “CAMO has changed our lives forever.”

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