A wheelchair… the best gift for them

When Maria Bernarda first came to our office she was looking for diapers for her 12-year-old daughter Nely Ruby who has cerebral palsy. Lacking a wheelchair, she was carrying her daughter in one arm, with a heavy bag full of clothing and supplies on the other shoulder, since they had to spend that night in the rehabilitation center’s shelter. As the CAMO staff approached, they realized she needed not only diapers but, more desperately, a nutritionist’s diet for Nely as well as a wheelchair to give her more comfort. When looking at this mother, we wonder how many miles she has carried her daughter, how many times she has taken her to hospitals and clinics or the rehabilitation center using public transportation. It wouldn´t have been an easy task without a wheelchair or someone to help with the bags.

After we made arrangements, Nely´s mother was taken to the nutrition clinic at CAMO which offers consultations, treatment, and follow-ups to malnourished children and adults. Our wheelchair staff also managed to provide a wheelchair to suit Nely’s specific needs.

But since we do not have enough wheelchairs for all patients needing one, it is always difficult to decide who can wait a little longer till the next with medical supplies container arrives.

Every day at CAMO we meet people searching for a wheelchair, a pair of crutches or walkers. Our wheelchair lab and medical supplies allow us to provide solutions. If you have a wheelchair you no longer need, please contact our office to learn how to donate it. We appreciate your kind donations, which sustain our programs.

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