Nixon is back and this time he has great news to share…

Two years ago Nixon´s dream of having children of his own seemed unreachable. After falling down from a mango tree and breaking his back, he became paraplegic. His hopes to support his large family as the second eldest brother of eight, his wife and his mother, faded away. He had no way to pay for a back surgery that required eight screws which cost $235 apiece or food for his family; his hopes to recover were nonexistent.

However, Nixon wasn´t left alone, with the support of our neurosurgery team he was able to have a surgery that freed him from his pain and restored his mobility. He does not longer have to wait at home for his family to look after his needs; he is now an active member of his family. This week he stopped by our office anxious to share his joy as his wife was delivering their baby at the hospital de Occidente. This time there was no pain reflected on his face, just the joy that this news meant to him and his family.

He reminds us of the importance of our programs for families like his, whom on daily basics struggle so much to make a living. We want to share his joy with you because with your donations and talents you have been a part of his blessings. Thank you.

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