Frelin’s Story – Pediatric Cardiology Program

Frelin is five years old, the youngest of three siblings. Frelin was anxiously waiting for his CAMO appointment, asking repeatedly when his family would travel to CAMO. He told his mother he did not want to die. On September 2, he was seen in general consultation with Dr. Cristina Sequeira, presenting symptoms of rapid palpitation of the heart and chest fatigue; Dr. Sequeira immediately referred him to our Pediatric Cardiology program with Dr. Dilcia Paola Pagoaga. After an echocardiogram, Frelin was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot, a birth defect that affects normal blood flow through the heart. He is now waiting for the necessary surgery to correct this defect— but before the surgery can safely be performed, he needs dental care and other medical treatments, which CAMO is providing. Hearing a five-year-old say he is afraid of dying, and being able to provide this little one with appropriate care, motivates us daily to serve. Frelin now has not spoken of dying and is receiving the appropriate care in preparation for his pending surgery.

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