Due to the gradual growth of the ETAOO student population and in order to expand the capacity of its facilities, in 2017 the technical-financial proposal was presented for a project to expand the facilities, which included the incorporation of two new buildings workshop classrooms and remodeling of the Main Building. The initially estimated cost for the new constructions and adjustments was L. 11,700,000.00 (approximately $ 509,781.71), and around L. 3,200.00.00 (US$ 133,345.57) for the remodeling and readjustment of the main building and neighboring modules.

Phase 1 – Building #1

The commemorative stone of the ETAOO expansion project was placed on February 21, 2017. During the first phase carried out between 2017 and 2018, around L. 4,511,000.00 (approximately US$ 191,704.56) were invested from funds from public and private donors from both Honduras and the United States, as detailed below:

Woods Family Foundation (through CAMO USA)$127,491.39
Ministry of Education of Honduras$21,248.57
Banco de Occidente$16,148.91
 Bueso Arias Family$2,124.86
Trade School (Own funds)$17,848.80
Municipalidad de Santa Rosa de Copán$5,439.63
Inversiones y Muebles Escalante$849.94
Cooperativa Nueva Vida Limitada$552.46

The works carried out included the complete construction and electrical installation of the first floor of the LC Wood Building (including the cistern to reserve drinking water), which houses the Carpentry and Welding classrooms-workshops. Leveling and casting of the foundations for the construction of the Annex Building were also carried out.

Phase 1I – Building #2

Between 2018 and 2019, several proposals were made to tender for funds from the Government of Honduras. At the end of 2019, a proposal was finalized through the Secretary of State in the Offices of Community Development, Water and Sanitation (SEDECOAS). The Annex Building that was built with the project “Construction and Adaptation of physical spaces of the Technical School of Arts and Trades of the West (ETAOO)”, valued at L. 5,000,000.00 (approximately US$ 208,521.60). The space was designed to house the Computer, Electricity and Barista classrooms-workshops, a library and two rooms to accommodate people from outside of Santa Rosa de Copán.

Currently, the contractor needs to complete the placement of the interior meshes of the glass lattice windows, as well as their sealing. After which the SEDECOAS supervisors will carry out the final inspection to proceed with the formal delivery of the building.

Phase 1II – Pending works

The expansion project has already been carried out at 60%, but the following construction and connectivity works remain ahead, in order of priority:

1.    Central electrical panels and Bank of electrical transformers

At this point in the project to expand the ETAOO facilities, it is necessary to centralize all the connections in a central distribution panel that houses and separates the branch circuits to the load centers of the three buildings and the two smaller modules that make up the current ETAOO facilities.

2. Construction of the second floor of LC Wood Building.

The second floor of this building of approximately 226.51 m2, will be used for multipurpose and storage spaces. It also includes complementary access works to the building and connecting tiers between the first and second levels. The labors are valued at approximately L. 1,968,825.00 (US $ 82,041.90).

3.  Connectivity works between Buildings

In order for everyone to have safe access to all the spaces of the facilities, including the new buildings, it is necessary to carry out several connectivity works, including sidewalks and descent ramps, construction and renovation of bleachers and storm sewer works. The value of said works can amount to L. 350,000.00 (US $ 14,584.67)

4. Installation of the Security System

With the eventual growth of the facilities and in order to ensure the ETAOO’s equipment and assets, it is necessary to reinforce the security of the space with works such as: the installation of an electric fence, a closed circuit of security cameras, an alarm system and motion detectors, as well as lamps to illuminate some dark areas. It is estimated that the investment may amount to L. 170,000.00 (US $ 7,083.98).

5. Reforms to the Jorge Bueso Building and neighboring Modules

The main building of the ETAOO was built in the early 1990s, with basic electrical installations, which were improved, modified and expanded according to the needs that arose for the operation of the institution and its workshops. In mid-2012, improvements were made to the facilities with the support of CONEANFO for the adaptation of the kitchen and the construction of the modules where the multipurpose classroom works. The building also has a second adjoining module that in 2013 was adapted for the operation of the multi-service company Mi Refugio. In 2015, the space currently occupied by the Municipal Center for Human and Technological Development (CMDHyT) was adapted.

It is planned to carry out repairs and reforms in the building and its adjoining modules so that they can house a didactic restaurant, an exhibition space for products, a hospitality classroom-workshop, supply warehouses, offices and the multi-service company Mi Refugio. The works also include reforms to the sewerage and drinking water supply, the electrical system, and the redistribution of internal spaces. The repair and modification of the roof with joist beam, rainwater system and connection with the second floor of the Annex Building is also required.

It is estimated that the total cost of required reforms and planned extensions could exceed L 3,800,000.00 (US $ 158,347.86).

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