Local School Gives Hope with Donation to CAMO

Eleventh-grade students from Alfa & Omega Bilingual School in Santa Rosa de Copán showed their commitment to the community by organizing fundraising activities to support CAMO’s Nutrition Program.

The combined effort of these young people resulted in a valuable monetary donation.This act of solidarity came after the students completed 44 hours of community service  as part of their Community Engagement project, providing support to low-income individuals.

With their donation, CAMO will be able to purchase nutritional supplements, vitamins, and other necessary supplies to help over a hundred low-income individuals combat malnutrition in Honduras.

CAMO’s Nutrition Program has been instrumental in assisting around 2,617 patients in the past year, and thanks to the commitment and solidarity of students like those from Alfa & Omega Bilingual School, we hope to continue expanding the reach of this important program to benefit more people in need in the community.

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