Achievements from the International Medical Brigade

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of CAMO, we want to express our gratitude to volunteers, partners, brigade members, and donors who joined our recent CAMO USA Brigade held from March 2nd to the 17th, 2024.

Achievements: Thanks to the support of 80 volunteers and staff during our recent brigade:

Ophthalmology: 109 patients received the gift of sight through cataract surgery.

Plastic Surgery: 17 children were treated for cleft lip and palate surgeries.

Dental Care: Over 500 children across various brigades received essential dental treatment.

Dental Clinics Restored: Clinics in local public health centers and in 2 main public schools.

Nursing Training: Nursing staff from Hospital de Occidente and Juan Manuel Gálvez in Gracias, Lempira were trained in vital childbirth care and newborn care.

Teacher Training: 45 teachers from 16 rural schools received training in lesson planning and teaching techniques.

Nutritional Care Training: Training on nutritional care for patients was provided to Hospital de Occidente staff.

Biomedical Support: Biomedical support and maintenance were provided to Hospital de Occidente’s Biomedical and Maintenance Center, repairing 98 pieces of medical equipment and furniture.

We would like to thank the Honduran companies and individuals who generously donated money and/or in-kind support for the development of the CAMO USA Medical Brigade:

  • Agua El Edén
  • Banco de Occidente
  • Beneficio Santa Rosa
  • Cooperativa CAFICO
  • Casa Bueso
  • Coffee Planet Corporation
  • Copán Industrial
  • Comité de Damas Rotarias
  • Deputy Javier Trigueros
  • El Baratillo
  • Embotelladora de Sula
  • Friopartes
  • Hermandad de Honduras
  • Inversiones Copán
  • Municipalidad de Santa Rosa de Copán

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