Newsletter Spring 2024

The other day, amidst the springtime beauty of Honduras, I put on a new pair of garden gloves, pristine white on one side.
As I toiled in the mud and dirt throughout the day, they inevitably lost their purity and became stained.
It struck me then that this transformation mirrored what happens when we compromise our values, ethics, and commitment to excellence. We begin with a sense of purity and purpose, akin to an angel. But, as compromises creep in, we become strained and apprehensive. It makes me question my own journey and the choices I’ve made in life. On a daily basis, I witness instances of tolerance and compromise where they should have no place. Paradoxically, those who claim to be the most tolerant often reveal their intolerance when faced with differing opinions. I see compromises in various sectors, from healthcare to education, societal norms of ethical behavior. I see protection of the corrupt daily.
Those who resist these compromises are often met with threats while those who choose tolerance and compromise gradually erode the standards without causing offense, garnering the world’s favor. more

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