CAMO Junior strengthens the vocation of service and empathy

In the heart of our voluntary work, CAMO Junior was born, an initiative that promotes a sense of service and empathy in the younger ones.

Recently, CAMO had the privilege of welcoming our junior volunteers for a day of activities focused on exploring the virtues and achievements of our organization.

From drawing to sharing ideas, each activity provided our young participants with the freedom to express their creativity while reflecting on how they can make the world a better place.

With the attendance of more than twenty children and teenagers, this initiative continues to grow.

CAMO Junior not only seeks to inspire the youngest, but also actively involves them in our mission to serve others.

Our goal is for every child to embrace this noble mission and become a change agent in their community.

With a unique approach that promotes collaboration among doctors, sector professionals, and development leaders, CAMO creates a multidisciplinary network that strengthens our humanitarian work.

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