CAMO’s Brigades Save Lives in Rural Honduran Communities

“CAMO brigades save lives,” is how beneficiaries describe the tireless work of CAMO, which mobilizes equipment, supplies, and medical assistance personnel from Santa Rosa de Copán to the remote corners of western Honduras.

These brigades provide rural communities, which otherwise would not have access, with care from dentists, ophthalmologists, general practitioners, pediatricians, and essential services such as mammograms.

Lenin Villeda, the mayor of a rural community where a recent brigade was held, highlighted the importance of this effort. He recounted an instance where a life was saved thanks to CAMO’s prompt action.

Villeda shared, “We saw a case during the brigade in the community of El Rosario, involving a four-year-old boy who came with his mother. He was in such a delicate state that if he hadn’t been treated immediately, his life could have been lost. This case was identified in this brigade and referred to the Hospital de Occidente. We are happy to support the most needy people.”

“We feel happy and blessed to bring a bit of hope to our population through this medical brigade,” said Lenin Villeda, mayor.

These brigades benefit not only locals but also individuals from neighboring communities who, due to economic limitations, cannot access specialized medical services provided by our institution’s brigades.

Thanks to the joint efforts of CAMO and associated municipalities, these individuals now have access to the desperately needed medical services. They also receive prescribed medications during their visit, ensuring that patients are treated comprehensively and for free.

In 2024, CAMO solidified its commitment by signing agreements with seven municipalities, three NGOs, six companies, and three aid institutions that share the mission of bringing medical services to Honduran families.

This year, CAMO will carry out approximately 151 brigades with Honduran volunteers, offering various types of brigades including medical-dental, dental, comprehensive evaluation, ophthalmological, and women’s health services.

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