Antony Linares: His Journey to Recovery

Antony Linares found the essential support he needed to recover from a complex cervical spine injury at CAMO.

Antony is a brave 12-year-old boy who, thanks to our Neurosurgery Program, is on the path to recovery after suffering a serious fall from over 2.5 meters high.

Antony endured a severe accident that resulted in a cervical spine injury.

The incident occurred during a loving gesture towards his mother. Wanting to decorate the floor with pine (a Honduran tradition) for Mother’s Day, he climbed a tree with a friend to cut some pine branches. Unfortunately, the branch he was standing on broke, and Antony fell from a height of 2.5 meters.

The fall caused significant damage to his cervical spine, prompting his family to take him to the Hospital de Occidente, where he stayed for three weeks.

Each year, our reach expands, allowing us to care for more patients in Honduras and give them renewed hope for life.

Despite his delicate condition, Antony never lost his spirit. With a smile on his face, from his bed in the Pediatric ward, he shared his dream of becoming a police officer to “capture the bad guys.”

Antony’s recovery has been possible through the efforts of the Neurosurgery Program’s counterpart, Dr. Roberto Álvarez, and the care provided by neurosurgeon Jennifer Tábora. Together with the CAMO team, they offered him the specialized care he needed.

Dr. Álvarez remarked, “We will be monitoring his recovery, which will take about two to three months due to the complexity of his cervical spine injury.”

Our Neurosurgery Program, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, has been operational since January 2009 at the Hospital de Occidente.

Since its creation, the program has saved many lives and significantly improved the quality of life for patients with brain, spinal, and peripheral nerve conditions, serving both pediatric and adult populations.

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