Promoting Sports and Values at the Community Gym

In a joint effort to improve the quality of life for the youth and children of Honduras, CAMO teams up with Santa Rosa de Copán’s Sports Association to revitalize the Community Gym.

The Community Gym, managed by the Sports Association, is a space dedicated to promoting sports, offering disciplines such as volleyball, table tennis, chess, basketball, and soccer, in addition to a weight room used by adults during evening hours.

This sports center not only promotes physical activity but also serves as a space for violence prevention, keeping young people away from gangs and criminal groups. In light of this, CAMO recognized the need to help improve the physical space used by at least 600 children and young people every day.

CAMO’s intervention has enabled the gym to remain self-sustaining and to offer free sports disciplines to children through projects like “We Learn Values by Playing.”

“The gym is self-sustaining, but for larger projects, institutions like CAMO, the municipality, and international partners have been fundamental,” stated Alfredo Nolasco, the administrator.

Yelso Bobadilla, president of the Sports Association, emphasized that “we owe a lot to CAMO. Kathy, CAMO’s founder, has given a lot to this gym, opening doors for us. Through various disciplines, our young adults and children have excelled nationally and internationally.”

Currently, around 600 children attend the gym daily, participating in various sports disciplines that not only promote physical exercise but also instill values and skills that make them good citizens.

Bobadilla highlighted, “A few years ago, we saw the experience of a young man who used to throw stones at the gym because he felt he had no opportunity. We took him into the institution, and today he is an example. We have another case of a young man who was involved in drugs and today will represent Honduras in a world chess tournament.”

The contribution of CAMO and the Sports Association in rescuing the Santa Rosa de Copán’s Community Gym is a clear example of how cooperation between institutions can transform communities.

This joint effort not only improves sports infrastructure but also fosters the integral development of youth and children, promoting a healthier and more promising future for all the residents of Santa Rosa de Copán.

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