CAMO Promotes Dental Health in Schools with Donation of Dental Units

In an effort to improve the health and well-being of communities, CAMO, with valuable contributions from donors in Honduras and the United States, donated dental units to equip dental clinics in the five public schools with the highest enrollment in Santa Rosa de Copán.

These clinics operate thanks to the collaboration of the Ministry of Health, which assigns a dentist, while CAMO provides the necessary equipment, and the educational community manages and supplies some of the consumables.

The initiative allows for improving the quality of life for thousands of children attending the public education system.

In Santa Rosa de Copán, the beneficiary schools are Jesús Banegas Membreño Basic Education Center (CEB), Jerónimo J. Reina, Manuel Bonilla, José María Medina, and San Antonio.

Ariel Villanueva, director of the Manuel Bonilla CEB, expressed that “having a dental clinic in the educational center is a great strength, and the benefit is noticeable in our children.”

“CAMO has been present from the donation of the chair to its maintenance,” he added.

In recent years, CAMO has been assisted by the Municipality of Santa Rosa de Copán to maintain this equipment, which benefits the children of the municipality. Additionally, our counterpart from the United States in Biomedicine, Gary Brown, comes to Honduras annually to maintain the units along with our team of biomedical engineers.

In this center, more than 953 enrolled students and 40 teachers benefit from the service, which is available both during the day and in the afternoon.

The clinics provide treatments such as cleanings, sealants for pits and fissures, fillings, extractions, and continuous evaluations, which have contributed to better oral hygiene in children.

A Contribution to the Community

CAMO has donated dental units to equip dental clinics in health centers, military and police units, schools, hospitals, and the penitentiary center in Santa Rosa de Copán.

Additionally, dental equipment has been donated to other municipalities in Copán, such as San Juan de Opoa, San Pedro, La Unión, Concepción, San José, among others, and in departments like Lempira, Intibucá, Francisco Morazán, and Cortés.

CAMO’s dental program is organized into two areas: the dental clinic, which serves an annual average of 427 patients, and the mobile brigades, which benefit around 6,400 patients annually in more than 70 brigades.

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