Milagro Guadalupe: A Story of Perseverance and Hope

In the rural community of La Estancia, Lepaera, a story of hope and perseverance unfolds with every step Milagro Portillo takes, a 7-year-old girl who has been CAMO’s since she was two months old.

This week, Milagro and her mother, María Portillo, visited the CAMO facilities to share her progress and receive a walker that will improve her mobility.

“It has been difficult, but thanks to God and CAMO, we have moved forward,” commented María.

Since the little girl was two months old, she has been under the care of Dr. Roberto Álvarez, CAMO’s counterpart for the Neurosurgery Program.

The journey has been arduous, but full of small and great achievements that have marked the lives of Milagro and her family.

Milagro was born premature and with hydrocephalus, a condition that required surgeries on her head.

“Thanks to CAMO, we see a future full of possibilities for my daughter,” said María Matías, a grateful mother.

An Unforgettable Achievement

“Milagro began to stand up three days ago. This is a great achievement for me, and I wanted to come and share it with the CAMO staff, who are like a second family to us,” María shared with a smile full of pride and joy.

Seeing her daughter stand on her own for the first time is a significant milestone in her recovery and development.

Despite the challenges, Milagro is a cheerful and intelligent girl.

Additionally, she was referred to the Ophthalmology Program thanks to the collaboration with the Robles Ophthalmological Center, which will further improve her quality of life.

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