CAMO and the Women’s Shelter: A Refuge for Victims of Domestic Violence

Through its Community Development component, CAMO built and continues to support the operation of the Women’s Shelter, a safe haven for women and girls who are victims of domestic violence.

Between 2008 and 2010, CAMO with financial support from donors in the USA, the Honduran National Congress, the municipality, and the community of Santa Rosa de Copán, built this shelter.

Since then, the Women’s Shelter has offered comprehensive intervention programs, providing food, lodging, security, legal support, healthcare, psychological care, and free training to families in need.

The Women’s Shelter is a non-political, non-profit civil organization that offers comprehensive, empathetic, and confidential care to women and their children suffering from gender-based violence.

Its goal is to provide shelter and protection, and in partnership with institutions like CAMO, ensure comprehensive assistance to the victims.

The relationship between the Women’s Shelter and CAMO remains strong, as CAMO annually contributes financially to the shelter’s operations and is part of the Board of Directors that ensures the Women’s Shelter continues to be a safe place for women and their children.

In the past year, about 104 women and their children were assisted at the Women’s Shelter, bringing the total to 1,508 people who have received assistance since its inception.

The facilities of the Women’s Shelter are equipped with security measures, providing women and their children comprehensive protection during their stay, which varies according to each case.

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