Comprehensive Intervention in the Emergency Room of Hospital de Occidente

CAMO has successfully intervened in the emergency room of Hospital de Occidente, thanks to the valuable donations received from both the United States and Honduras.

This project included infrastructure improvements, the donation of medical equipment and supplies, and currently supports the medical team in their certification for Emergency Cardiovascular Care (CPR, ACLS, PALS AND NALS).

Infrastructure Improvements

In collaboration with the Hospital’s Support Committee, CAMO inaugurated an ambitious project to improve the Emergency Room of Hospital de Occidente.

The improvements included demolitions, wall construction, installation of security cameras, provision of medical equipment and furniture, and training for emergency personnel in the triage process to optimize patient flow and improve response to critical situations.

CAMO also maintains a permanent donation of equipment and supplies for the hospital’s emergency room.

Pioneers of CPR

In the field of medical education, CAMO has been a pioneer in CPR certification by the American Heart Association (AHA) since 1997, being the first organization in Honduras to obtain this accreditation.

This program allows the certification of individuals in basic and advanced life support for cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The CPR program, managed by CAMO’s Education Department, is recognized as one of the best in Honduras.

Expertise Available to Patients

With the expertise of Dr. Rosalia Mahr from Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s Hospital, emergency room staff in Santa Rosa de Copán have been trained in adult and pediatric emergency medicine and ultrasound.

Dr. Mahr will continue to return regularly to ensure ongoing staff training and proper equipping of the emergency room.

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