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CAMO provides a full-time teacher, food and maintenance of the public daycare center, which targets the poorest families of the city. 

Emergency staff being trained.

CAMO's eye program brings vision care to over 1,000 people per year.

Demolition and rebuild of public health clinic (largest in Hondurus).

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Plastic surgery teams travel to Honduras annually to provide new faces and smiles to those with deformities. 

Domestic violence is the leading cause of death amoung women and children. CAMO built the largest domestic violence shelter in Central and South America. Children have a safe-haven to play.

Who We Are

Launched in 1993 by former Peace Corps nurse, Kathryn M. Tschiegg, RN, BBA, CAMO is a non-denominational, Christian-based, humanitarian organization that brings life-saving medical services, education and community development to Central America. CAMO provides more than 140,000 life-saving services each year to impoverished people who otherwise would not have access to aid.

What Makes Us Different?

Relationships make CAMO unique. CAMO builds multi-disciplinary networks among medical experts, trade professionals and those in leadership development. CAMO-USA professionals commit to longterm counterpart relationships with CAMO’s Honduras professionals to promote positive, forward change.

How We Serve

CAMO operates in Training and Education, Medical Services and Community Development. CAMO personnel collect, sort,repair and distribute donated equipment and supplies to assist each area of service.