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Central American
Medical Outreach (CAMO)

CAMO provides more than 160,000 life-saving services each year to impoverished people who otherwise would not have access to aid.

“As a Peace Corps nurse, I witnessed 31 babies die in one month as a result of not having the supplies, equipment and educated staff to save them. I cannot bring back those 31 babies, but today…infants and adults are being saved daily due to the CAMO model.”

– Kathryn Tschiegg, Founder

What's happening?

CAMO at a Glance



Patients served


Boxes of medical supplies donated


Pieces of medical equipment donated


Students with learning opportunities

New beginnings

Save lives
it's what we do

Our stories

Provides a prosthetic limb!

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$ 300

One Spanish book. Invest in a child's future!

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A child's dental care for one year!

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$ 4

A child's daycare for one month!

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$ 32